Zap & Lazy-B

Home studio auto-production.(2005-2008) Contains all original metal opera hip-hop tunes with a sick concept, television!! Music and lyrics writen and performed by, Tony metalia(voice,samples and sound engineer), William Larkin(voice,guitars,bass,groove box,keyboards, and sound engineer), John hutton(drums and perc.), Djo champeau(guitars), Alan Mayo(bass) and Synaps( jean-charles on scratch)All Rights Protected.

Psynarchy – Psychedelic Rock

Pysnarchy invites the spirit of psychedelic music interpreting the famous sounds of the great years of rock and pop. C.D. demo 2007. 4 Cover songs.

William Larkin: Guitar and Vocals /Alan Mayo: Bass guitar and Vocals/ Alain Menissier: Electric Drums and Sound man. Check out the website :

No Quarter – Réveil

Wake-up ! No Quarter’s 2nd C.D. Produced by No Quarter.1999/ 14 original titles . Recorded and mixed at Media Studio.France.One of the Best !!

Cedric Biojout: Vocals/William Larkin: electric,acoustic and classical Guitars,/Stephane Laplaud: Bass guitar/Bidou Ferraglio: Drums/ Habib el Hamarouni: Percussions

Manikmaya – One man live to suffer

Have some Reggae mon !! First and only rasta roots C.D. ever produced by our poor hands.Produced by Alain Chabassier and Manikmaya. 1999.Recorded at Media Studio by Alain Mirocourt. Ramone Setrokarijo:Vocals/William Larkin: Guitar, Bass,Keyboards,and Dub Mixing/ John Hutton: Drums,Percussion/Tony Metalia:Guitar.//  Five original songs and Two DUB remixes in the chalice !!

La Rocktek – Vive le rock libre !!

Coming soon…

La Rocktek – Pour que vive le Rock

Coming soon…

Who Can Say – Soon

Recording session.1992 Produced by David Mascunan & Hughes Occansey.Guitars:William Larkin and David Mascunan.

No Quarter

First C.D. No Quarter.Produced by No Quarter – 1998. 6 Original songsRecorded at the ‘Cafter’.Limoges.William  Larkin:Guitar/Stephane Laplaud:Bass guitar/BidouFerraglio:Drums/Cedric Biojout: Vocals

Zombie Lovers – Hungry for Love

Live at -- CC John Lennon Limoges-France 2000.produced by Zombie Lovers and LeBurlingue.Recorded by sonic studio.No overdubs, No tools and no brains were used to record this, But still it rocks !16 original songs and many morgue ! William Larkin and Cedric Biojout: Guitars / John Hutton: Drums/Dave Legge:Vocals/Alan Mayo: Bass guitar / COMING SOON : Cover of first official Cassette Demo back in 1989 !! / PLUS a more recent Amok studio, and a  Chuck u. Farley Production C.D. With tons more rockmusic to cum !!

The Incontinentals – Compiled

Voici l’album des Incontinentals, Compiled.